Bridge Operation

Due to vehicle traffic on Indianapolis Boulevard, the Indianapolis Boulevard Bridge will not open for tug and barge traffic between the hours of 5:45 AM to 7:45 AM and 3:15 PM to 4:45 PM, Monday through Friday.

The Indianapolis Boulevard Bridge is expected to open approximately 8 to 12 times for every 24-hour period. The schedule provides that less than half of the bridge openings will occur during heavier day-time, weekday traffic periods. The Dickey Road Bridge already has some bridge openings due to barge traffic, and the dredging operation will add the same number of openings to Dickey Road as to Indianapolis Boulevard.

In addition, all bridge openings will be coordinated by direct communication between the tug captains and the bridge operators. The bridge will be opened as the tug and barge approach, and it will be closed as quickly as possible once the tug clears the bridge. The goal is to minimize traffic disruption by having the bridge open for short durations. When the tug captains and bridge operators are well-coordinated, the bridge opening durations are less than 10 minutes each unless problems arise. The typical bridge opening durations in 2012 were approximately five minutes.

Detour information – when heading North on Indianapolis Boulevard and the bridge is up, it is recommended that you turn left on one of the following streets so you can get to Calumet Avenue (Rte 41) where you can then turn right to continue heading North:

  • West Columbus Drive (141st Street)
  • Gostlin Street (145th Street)
  • West Chicago Avenue (Rte 312)

PDF Printable Indianapolis Bridge Detours Map (10.9 MB)

Map showing Indianapolis Bridge detour routes during dredging operations.