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Indiana Harbor and Canal
Dredging and Disposal Project
Note: In July 2021, USACE began the Phase 2 dike project to expand the CDF exterior dikes by 11 feet to maintain sufficient storage capacity for the intended project life, consistent with the original project authorization and plan. Dredging is not being performed while construction is underway. As a result, PID monitoring and turbidity monitoring are on hold. Real-time air monitoring continues in temporary locations off dike at onsite northeast and southeast stations using the M1 and M2 monitors (AM1 and AM2). The M3 and M4 monitors are not operating during dike expansion. Ambient air monitoring continues in one southwest location off dike (CON-SOUTH) and at the school. Dredging activities are anticipated to resume in 2024. More information »

Dock Area PID Data

Date Range
OK: Less than 10 ppm
Warning: Between 10-100 ppm
Alarm: Over 100 ppm


Every record in comma-separated format (CSV)

About this Data

When a barge with dredged material is located at the Confined Disposal Facility (CDF), the air is monitored near the dock using a photoionization detector (PID). This PID monitoring takes place daily prior-to and during dredging. Conducting PID monitoring at the dock area provides data on the effects of sediment activity at the barge on emission levels for worker and community safety.

Air monitoring is conducted at a single location near the dock area using a PID for a 30-minute continuous period. This monitoring takes place once per day when a barge with dredged material is docked at the site and for 10-days prior to dredging. The PID records 30 minute averages. If those averages exceed 10 ppm, an action level is triggered and the appropriate action is taken as described below. If the level exceeds 10 ppm for five consecutive days, the contractor will implement emission control measures. If the level exceeds 100 ppm at any time, the contractor will implement emission control measures immediately.

Map showing PID monitoring location near the CDF dock area