IHC Navigation

Dredging operations are likely to occur throughout the Indiana Harbor and associated canals. This will include both federally-funded dredging within the navigation channel and privately-funded dredging between the navigation channel and adjacent private docks. The exact locations will be determined by available federal and private funding and stakeholder priorities.

The dredge will consist of a crane on the Kokosing II spud barge, which will be located in or near the areas where dredging has been ordered. The tug Valerie will push loaded hopper barges from the dredge to the confined disposal facility (CDF), which is located immediately west of Indianapolis Boulevard on the Lake George Canal. The tug Valerie will also push empty hopper barges back to the dredge to be reloaded.

Access to navigation in all areas of the Indiana Harbor and canals will be available upon advance request. The dredge may need to move temporarily from its work area to allow access to other vessels. Vessels will need to coordinate passages with the tug Valerie, particularly in restricted channel widths, such as at bridges and at the BP North America dock construction site.

Standard U.S. Coast Guard rules of the road and signals will be used for safe vessel passages.

Mariners are requested to contact the dredge Kokosing II spud barge and the tug Valerie at least one hour in advance to coordinate details of passage, particularly if the dredge would need to relocate. The dredge or tug can be contacted on marine radio channel 16 or 18 during dredging operation working time periods.

PDF Notice to Mariners (51 KB)