Water Quality Monitoring Results

Note: When you download and open the data in Excel you will most likely get this message:

The file you are trying to open, 'filename.xls', is in a different format than specified by the file extension.
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The downloaded file is actually an html table which Excel can open. Try opening it in Notepad to see the text data.
But if the extension is set to .html then the browser will open the file instead of Excel.
By using the .xls extension on the file this causes Excel to open it and display the table in Excel format.

Extension Hardening was added to Excel 2007.
This blog post explains it in detail: Extension Hardening

If you download data frequently and want to stop getting this message you can edit the registry as shown in the blog post above.
Just be aware that you may have opened the security hole that this feature tries to plug.

Date Options (Times are EST)

During dredging there are two buoys and a water current detector positioned around the Dredge. One buoy is positioned upstream of the Dredge and the other downstream of it. The current detector identifies which direction the water is flowing past the Dredge so that Upstream or Downstream can be assigned to each buoy. Each buoy has two turbidity sensors, a high one near the surface of the water and another lower down. Turbidity readings are reported every fifteen minutes for each of the four sensors (DownstreamHigh, DownstreamLow, UpstreamHigh, UpstreamLow).

The Dredge contribution to turbidity is calculated as the largest value of the Downstream sensor minus the smallest value of the Upstream Sensor. However, if the result is negative then it is reported as 0. Also when the current detector indicates no water flow, then the dredge contribution is reported as 0.

If the Upstream sensor is offline then turbidity is the largest value of the Downstream sensor.

If the Downstream sensor is offline then turbidity is -100000.0 which means that the sensor was offline during that time period and no data was collected. Also, dredging should be stopped in this case.

All values for turbidity are in NTU.

The "Flags" column indicates the status of the sensors at the time of the reading. The following is the key for this column.

  • S = At least one of the sensors is offline.
  • G = The GPS was not working for at least one sensor.
  • C = The current detector indicated no water flow.
  • M = The current detector is offline. As a result, the dredge contribution is reported as the maximum reading from the four sensors and the downstream/upstream readings are reported as -100000.0.