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Indiana Harbor and Canal
Dredging and Disposal Project
Note: In July 2021, USACE began the Phase 2 dike project to expand the CDF exterior dikes by 11 feet to maintain sufficient storage capacity for the intended project life, consistent with the original project authorization and plan. Dredging is not being performed while construction is underway. As a result, PID monitoring and turbidity monitoring are on hold. Real-time air monitoring continues in temporary locations off dike at onsite northeast and southeast stations using the M1 and M2 monitors (AM1 and AM2). The M3 and M4 monitors are not operating during dike expansion. Ambient air monitoring continues in one southwest location off dike (CON-SOUTH) and at the school. Dredging activities are anticipated to resume in 2024. More information »

Particulates Data

Maximum daily CDF Contribution values and their associated monitoring/weather data.
During CDF dike construction, CDF contribution to particulate emissions is not calculated nor presented on this page. However, action level exceedances continue to be monitored, and dust control measures are being implemented as required during dike construction. Daily mean values of the individual monitors are presented during this period.
Date Range
Air Monitors
Wind-Based Result
Action Level: 50 µg/m³ Action level help


Every record by year in comma-separated format (CSV)

About this Data

To learn more about how ambient air monitoring data is collected, see Real-Time Air Monitoring.

All exceedances of the site’s air monitoring action levels trigger a check of site conditions and an action, as appropriate, which are documented in a report. Please refer to the Actions Taken page for air monitoring action level exceedance reports.

Actual elevated particulate air monitoring data spikes are due to elevated levels of dust, which can be caused by vehicular or equipment traffic on the site unpaved roads, mowing activities, etc. Dredged materials are primarily submerged under water to control both particulate and volatile emissions. The particulate air monitoring equipment occasionally records false elevated data spikes which are typically caused by insects in the air monitoring equipment, fog or snow in the atmosphere, etc.

Action Levels  Actions Taken

Monitor CDF Point Monitored Locations


Real-time monitoring locations shown on a map of the CDF







Northeast (during dike construction)


Southeast (during dike construction)